Sculptural and malleable the contortionist Palindrome was built to adapt to its environment. Each installation is unique, thanks to the modular composition of its tubular steel arms. They rotate to the custom configuration dictated by the size and shape of a space, and the light itself adjusts to mirror corresponding moods. At its brightest setting, the chandelier emits the white tones ideal for commercial projects, but once dimmed, Palindrome’s light shifts to the warmer, amber tones best suited for intimate hospitality and residential spaces.

The Collection


Endlessly configurable. Choose up to 8 lights, 30 finishes, and 3 color temperatures.

Resource Ammirati — Columbus, OH. Palindrome 8, mottled brass

Resource Ammirati — Columbus, OH

Palindrome 8, mottled brass

Squarespace — San Francisco, CA. Palindrome 6, mottled brass

Squarespace — San Francisco, CA

Palindrome 6, mottled brass

Fubo TV — New York, NY. Two sets of Palindrome 4, mottled brass

Fubo TV — New York, NY

Two sets of Palindrome 4, mottled brass

House 39 — New York, NY. Custom multi-unit Palindrome, matte black

House 39 — New York, NY

Custom multi-unit Palindrome, matte black

How a designer composes Palindrome was as much a consideration as the individual elements that contribute to the overall language of this collection.

Theo Richardson

Founder & designer

ROOST East Market — Philadelphia, PA

Palindrome 6, motted brass

One of a Kind

While Palindrome required some diligent engineering on our end, the finished product is a surprisingly easy-to-install, modular toolkit for endless possibilities, no matter the size or the architectural conditions of the space. Once installed, Palindrome’s graphic, wiry silhouette reads like a signature—its composition is unique to every customer.

Linkedin HQ⁠ — San Francisco, CA

Palindrome 8, matte black

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