A lovable fixture that is highly versatile in illuminating any room. Having identified the out-of-reach electrical outlet as a routine problem, RBW and Meyer Davis studios adapted the standard electrical cord as an integral, stylish component of Hoist’s overall design. Swagged and offered with generous cable length, the cord allows greater opportunities for where a pendant light can be installed. The shade is available in a variety of colors and diameters, with a sconce and flush mount version as well. Waterproof, the highly durable exterior is also suitable for outdoor installation, creating the possibility for a cohesive interior and exterior.

The Collection


Browse this highly versatile collection that can illuminate any room as pendants, sconces or ceiling flush mounts. To match your project like a glove, custom finishing is available upon request.

RBW XR — Created by Tom Hancocks. Hoist pendant, vermilion 21" shade

RBW XR — Created by Tom Hancocks

Hoist pendant, vermilion 21" shade

MAK interiors: Axiom Zen — Vancouver, Canada. Hoist pendant, matte black 14" shade

MAK interiors: Axiom Zen — Vancouver, Canada

Hoist pendant, matte black 14" shade

Kickernick Office — Minneapolis, MN.  Hoist pendant, gloss blue 21" shade

Kickernick Office — Minneapolis, MN

Hoist pendant, gloss blue 21" shade

Glossier Flagship Store — New York, NY

Hoist sconce, cream white 14" shade

William Gray by Meyer Davis — New York, NY

Hoist pendant, matte black 21" shade

Always Good to Go

Waterproof, minimalist, and available in a colorful variety of finishes, Hoist goes just about anywhere: indoors or outdoors, as a wall-mount or a pendant. With a range of sizes for its circular shade, make a statement large or small.

RBW XR — Created by Tom Hancocks

Hoist sconce, cream white 21" shade

Cortina — Seattle, WA

Hoist sconce, cream white 14" shade

The common theme in both Hoist and Pilot is that they offer the user opportunities to manipulate their use... The big idea behind the two of them is empowerment—for designers to be able to use these fixtures the way they want to use them.

Will Meyer

Co-founder, Meyer Davis


Meyer Davis

Multi-disciplinary Design Studio

Meyer Davis is a multi-disciplinary design studio founded by Will Meyer and Gray Davis. The award-winning firm has established itself at the forefront of high end commercial and residential design practices throughout the U.S. and abroad, through its work on private residences, hotels, restaurants, retail experiences, and workplace environments. Meyer Davis designs seamless physical experiences tailored to their client's individuality, combining principles of great design with a clear vision for the experience they seek to create. The designers consider each new project an opportunity to bring a unique and powerful story to life. Playing with space, form, texture, and light, they develop a visual experience that seeks to compel and inspire. Meyer Davis believes that great design works on multiple levels, weaving together bold design moves and striking details to ensure that when completed, each project makes an immediate and lasting impact.

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