RBW Endowed Scholarship



What began as a friendship between 3 students of the RISD Furniture Design program, has grown into the 13-year partnership that is RBW. We’re thrilled to announce the introduction of the RBW Endowed Scholarship at the Rhode Island School of Design. 🎓

“RISD is more than the school that we happened to graduate from. Certainly, we are a product of the thinking and process we developed and learned while there,” says Charles Brill, Managing Partner.

With this endowment, we aimed to honor our B Corp commitment through the advancement of social equity. The first $100,000 of funds for this scholarship have been allocated specifically to advance the education of students who would be the first of their families to go to college. As Alex Williams, Founding Partner and Director of Growth, put it, “I believe really strongly that a world class design education should be within reach for anyone.”

“RISD offered us a world-class creative education, and we are interested in generating greater equity at RISD, which in turn helps build a more equal world. Our donation is meant to make it possible for students of diverse economic backgrounds to afford the excellent educational experience we received,” says Theo Richardson, Founding Partner and Director of Innovation.

With the first scholar of the initial fully vested RBW Endowed Scholarship slated to graduate with the class of 2026 and $5000 awarded annually in perpetuity, we look forward to continued partnership with the Rhode Island School of Design for years to come. 🤝

You can read the full write up here.

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