RBW Factory

Kingston, NY

100,000 sqft. data-driven Industry 4.0 headquarters for Innovation & Product Operations

in New York's Hudson Valley.

Implementing Our Vision

Creating a space where our operations, our people, and the brand can flourish, RBW Factory combines all working spaces under one roof, from design and manufacturing to traditional open bench desking and break-out spaces, promoting collaboration in ideal settings.

With eight times the space of our former Brooklyn headquarters, our custom facilities combine our design, manufacturing, and fulfillment processes under a single roof, streamlining our vision of a state-of-the-art, Industry 4.0 factory floor.

An Industry 4.0 Enterprise

As a part of RIT's Goisano Institute for Sustainability and Research i4.0 pilot program for New York manufacturers, we're expanding our key capabilities through digital shop floor automation, strategy and governance, workforce learning and development, and enterprise intelligence.

Linear runs of Latis pendant illuminate the sizable office program

Task chairs provide a pop of color at each open bench desk

Natural light moves throughout the space

Connection to Nature

The building’s new design emphasizes its natural surroundings, spotlighting a connection to light and air throughout while maintaining a minimal ecological footprint by repurposing an existing structure. The space also includes 16 glass skylights, energy-efficient LED lighting, daylight harvesting, and dimming controls for energy efficiency.

Design Minded

Throughout the space, a clean aesthetic—characterized by white walls, concrete floors, pale woods, metallic surfaces, custom built-ins, and colorful furnishings sourced from brands reflecting our own design language.

Kingston’s history of traditional manufacturing provides a foundation for the innovation-driven industry, which made it an immediate fit for RBW’s new chapter.

RBW Partner, Director of Innovation

Theo Richardson

A New Chapter of Innovation

Putting down roots in Kingston, New York, and transforming the 100,000 ft² facility into a new headquarters for manufacturing and innovation.

Kingston, New York

As a creative capital on the rise, Kingston promotes a high quality of life through a vibrant food culture, a growing Arts District and myriad of cultural and outdoor excursions. Its history of traditional manufacturing provides a fertile foundation for innovation-driven industry. In the search for the right space for RBW's creativity and collaboration, deciding factors included the proximity to RBW’s showroom at 50 Greene St in SoHo and the opportunity to join Kingston's future.

Design architect Neil Logan and Kingston-based Dutton Architecture re-envisioned the sizable building dating from the 1980s and partially unoccupied for decades. Originally built as a part of the prominent IBM campus, the building was once a major driver of the technological sector and growth of Kingston from the 1950s to the 1990s.

The main building of the former IBM campus

A meeting room left untouched for 20 years

Workers assembling components

Our expansion to Kingston is a dream come true for our company and a great opportunity to implement our complete vision for RBW.

Alex Williams

RBW Partner and Director of Growth

Partnering with Kingston Land Trust

As we look to our future in Kingston, we're eager to take part in the local community efforts. In seeking a partner that aligns with our purpose to positively transform environments, communities, and lives, we identified Kingston Land Trust.⁠Read More about Kingston Land Trust