Spool delivers an acoustic performance element while taking up a sculptural presence in any space, especially in groups. Using a variety of optic configurations, Spool finds its elemental niche in your designs. Add one or a cluster to make a signature interior statement.


See RBW's latest pendant collection with excellent acoustic performance. Available in 2 widths, 2 heights, and in 2 fabric options.

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Aural Delight

Enrich the soundscape of any space with lush, clear audio. Spool ensures a pleasant acoustic experience by mitigating reflections and disruptions of low, medium, and high-frequency soundwaves.

Its surprising details create a refined edge to an otherwise iconic shape. In a world full of noise and chaos, there is profound elegance in the simple elements of design.

Conscious Couture

Designed by Kelly Harris Smith, Spool’s Upbeat textiles feature an understated tight grid with tonal, subtle layers of color, inspired by the evolving interplay of light and shadow on scaffolding mesh. Made from 51% post-consumer recycled polyester and woven in North America, Upbeat combines sustainability with sophisticated design.

Kelly Harris Smith

Kelly Harris Smith is a designer, creative director, author, and entrepreneur specializing in sustainable materials for commercial and residential interiors. A co-founder of FilzFelt, her award-winning designs are known for their pattern, color, and innovative functionality. Kelly also runs Minni, an art and design space for children, and has her designs featured in the MoMA Design Store. She co-authored Universal Principles of Interior Design and was awarded the Product Designer Award at Interior Design’s HiP 2020. Kelly trained in architecture at Northeastern University and currently resides in Boston.




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