With high-performance LEDs enclosed in a unique, prismatic shade, Print is the classic globe, elevated. Its striking surface, achieved by acclaimed designer Sylvain Willenz, is imprinted with a diamond texture that creates an understated, sparkling play of light. Offered in various finishes and fine-tuned for optimal light quality, Print’s versatile design works well across a range of applications—at home, in the workplace and in hospitality settings—as both a pendant and a flush mount, indoors and outdoors.

Endless Applications

Installed overhead as a pendant or flush mount, or wall-mounted as a sconce, Print’s versatile, durable design easily specifies for indoor or outdoor use, in the workplace, over the dining table and beyond.



A prismatic textured shade developed by acclaimed designer Sylvain Willenz encloses high-performance LEDs in Print’s versatile, elevated take on the classic globe.

Virtual Sanctuary — Created by Tom Hancocks

Print sconce, small globe in clear/frosted glass

Virtual Sanctuary — Created by Tom Hancocks

Print sconce, small globe in clear/frosted glass

Virtual Sanctuary — Created by Tom Hancocks

Print sconce, small globe in clear/frosted glass

Enhanced Design

Known for his clarity of execution, award-winning designer Sylvain Willenz enhances the familiar globe with Print’s refined pattern and texture. Its distinct shade, offered in a range of finishes and imprinted with an elegant diamond grid, twinkles with an ambient play of light

Virtual Garden — Created by Tom Hancocks

Print sconce, large globe in clear/frosted glass

Designed with

Sylvain Willenz

Industrial Designer

Sylvain Willenz is an award-winning, independent designer based in Brussels, Belgium. His celebrated approach to furniture, lighting, and textile design is distinguished by its striking graphic quality, combining clarity of function with elegance of form. Formerly an aspiring cartoonist, he’s described this approach as ligne claire — a drawing style defined by the boldness and simplicity of its outlines. Since founding Sylvain Willenz Design Office 2004, Willenz has won numerous international awards from iF, Red Dot and many others. In 2009, he was named Belgian Designer of the year, and in 2021, produced the Print collection with RBW.

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