Light Out of the Ordinary

Light is a powerful thing. At RBW, we believe in the power of light to create atmosphere—to enliven the little things, like our morning routines, or the moments we spend with friends. We believe that light helps shape our well-being and improves everyday life: Light can fill a room with a sense of optimism. It can energize and motivate. And at the end of the day, it can also help us relax and unwind.

As an award-winning, independent design and manufacturing company headquartered in Kingston, New York, RBW is a brand for architects and designers looking for a higher quality of light. By listening closely to the needs of our customers, RBW’s forward-thinking, technology-driven approach invents lighting solutions that are out of the ordinary—products that take on unprecedented shapes, or make subtle upgrades on familiar forms. Each of our collections embodies a distinct personality while upholding the hallmarks of RBW’s family DNA: Intuitive ease and simplicity. Integrity of craft and material. High-quality lighting with a playful point of view. Meticulously engineered for a broad range of applications, RBW lighting has been installed all over the world, from the renowned Noma restaurant in Copenhagen to Fortune 500 company offices across the United States. Thoroughly invested in our customers’ success, we also pride ourselves on providing excellent service. We deliver quickly and reliably, while our product specialists faithfully remain on call. Whether you’d like to talk through your finish options or the science of dimming, we’re always happy to chat.

When RBW (RBW Studio LLC) was founded in 2007, our goal was to create a company that would not only change the game of lighting design, but make a positive impact on both the planet and our community. In our Sustainability section you can read about our status as a B Corporation, a purpose-driven company that upholds the highest standards in social and environmental accountability. You can also read about our ongoing progress in cutting our carbon emissions, as well as our investments in our community, which to us, includes our customers, employees, vendors and neighbors—partners in our ongoing journey of exploration, discovery, and improvement.

Follow or join us on our journey. To speak with our sales team or schedule a visit to our SoHo showroom, call us at +1 212 388 1621 or email