Recycled Plastic Compounds


Rotomolding Products

Reprocessed Pellet & Powder  Perhaps when you think of recycled resin, you think of pulverized regrind.  While that can be acceptable for some jobs, it canít approach the quality of our compounded material.  We start with clean regrind, quality assured by our in-house lab.  We blend in a proprietary package of color and stabilizers, and extrude pellets. Then, we pulverize these on our state-of-the-art systems.  The result is a clean powder that molds and impact tests better than virgin dry-blend.  Try a free sample; youíll be pleased with the results ó and, with the savings.  Available in Jet Black and Gray.   Technical specifications.  

"Rotostone" Resins  White Granite and Black Granite.  Beautiful and natural-looking.  Ready to mold, or available as a 100% recycled concentrate that you blend with your own natural resin.  Some recycled content.  

Packaging Options  Standard boxes, 1800 pound bulk bags, or bulk truck.  

Blow-Molding Grade HDPE Repro  

HDPE Repro, Black.   Density 0.950+, Melt Index 0.3 - 0.5. Available in standard boxes or bulk.  Technical specifications.