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Request a Quotation on Your Scrap or Surplus Resin

The following information will allow us to provide you a quotation:

  1. Resin type.  Be as specific as possible, e.g. LLDPE, HDPE, PVC.  If PE, provide melt and density, if known:

    Resin Type 
  2. Material form, e.g. regrind, powder, scrap parts, pellet, etc.:

    Material Form 
  3. Size.  For scrap specify max dimensions, for regrind specify max size, or use an industry specification, e.g. 35 mesh powder:

    Material Size
  4. Color.  For mixed color, specify approximate % of white or constituent colors:

  5. Packaging, e.g. unlined Gaylord boxes on skids, etc. :

  6. Weight available now:

    Weight Available Now
  7. If ongoing generation, rate generated, e.g. 10,000 pounds per month:

    Rate Generated
  8. What is the approximate average weight of each package unit or truckload; e.g. each Gaylord box about 300 pounds, or approximate weight that will fit one 48 foot van trailer:

    Shipment Density
  9. Other special considerations or information (blowing agent, dry-blended material, etc.):

    Other Info 
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