Recycled Plastic Compounds

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What We Do

Overview - RBW Technologies primarily produces recycled plastic resins.  This involves size reduction, separation technologies, and extrusion compounding.  The company purchases post-industrial plastic scrap and sells high-quality recycled resins.  We also process and sell virgin plastics, and provide related services.  RBW concentrates on commodity resins, primarily polyethylene.  We do not process any post-consumer materials.

Recycled Plastics - RBW Technologies recycles a variety of post-industrial plastics.  We buy scrap or surplus resin in all forms.  We sell high-quality recycled regrind, pellets, and powder.  Our primary products are polyethylene (PE) compounds, especially  rotational molding and extrusion grades, but we can and do process virtually all types of thermoplastics.

Toll Processing Services - Many manufacturers and processors have specific processing needs that RBW Technologies can fill: shredding, granulating, pulverizing, extrusion compounding, contamination removal, sizing, packaging, warehousing.  Whatever the processing need, RBW Technologies can fill it with quality service at a competitive price.

Certified Destruction Services - RBW’s certified destruction services  grew from our commitment to recycling.  Items are stored in a secure warehouse and are usually destroyed the same day they are received.  Destruction is by shredding and/or grinding, and we offer virtually any method of follow-on disposal if recycling is not desired or possible.  We provide a destruction process and a Certificate of Destruction customized exactly to your needs.  Recycling of all portions of the item, including packaging, is frequently possible.  Typical applications include surplus licensed goods, confidential items, and recalled products.

Who We Are

History - RBW Technologies was formed in 1995 from RBW Industries, which recycled post-industrial plastic, rubber, aluminum, and paper starting in 1980.  Since 1997, RBW Technologies has focused solely on plastics.

Jeffrey Moersch - Principal - Sales, finance, purchasing, and engineering.  Jeff has nearly 20 years experience in plastic recycling.  Prior to co-founding RBW Technologies in 1995, he spent 4 years in the environmental contracting industry and 10 years as a US Air Force F-15 pilot.

Guy Dahlbeck - Principal - Planning, operations, and maintenance.  Guy joined RBW in 2005 following a successful  Air Force career.  He is a decorated combat fighter pilot  who was a commander at the squadron, group, and wing levels.

Judy Dahlbeck - Office Manager - Financial management, human resources, logistics and overall office management.  She has many years experience in higher education and joined the company in 2013.

Doug Frishkorn - Plant Foreman - Plant operations. Doug started at RBW as a part time employee and is now responsible for the supervision of all operations in the production facility.

Chuck Sayti - Maintenance Manager - Facility and equipment maintenance - Chuck joined the company in 2010 as a production worker and was recently promoted to run the entire maintenance program.

Our Work Force - RBW has an trained and experienced work force dedicated to providing quality products and services.  The company experiences very little turnover with an average time of employment of over 5 years service.  


Facility - RBW Technologies is located 30 miles north of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, northeast of the towns of Zelienople and Harmony.  Our 40,000 square foot  plant and warehouse is located on Hartmann Road (the post office is Evans City, but we are not physically located there).  We have six inside docks and several outside docks for unloading outsized items.  Directions.


Large shredding system - Our largest shredder has a 52 inch throat width.  Its slow-speed action is perfect for grinding outsize parts such as large rotomolded parts, dunnage trays, pallets, and for efficient destruction of case-packed items.

Three 100+ HP granulators - A variety of styles and configurations.  We can also add an array of modular auxiliary equipment, such as aspirators (fines removal), ferrous and non-ferrous metal detection and removal, profile feeders, sorting systems, etc.

Seven polyetylene pulverizing lines - Our pulverizing mills all feature PID computer control, assuring consistent grind and maximum throughput.

6" extrusion compounding line - This single-screw compounder is equipped with a Gala underwater pelletizer, oversized screen changer, and downstream pellet screener for fines and longs removal.  Capable of processing up to 2,000 pounds per hour.  A second 6" extrusion line is currently (Spring 2014) being installed.

Guillotine - Our large guillotine features a ram feeder and fully enclosed cutter for increased safety.  We can handle truly outsized purgings, rolls, drool, etc.

Bulk Resin Storage & Handling - Our silo capacity is currently four units: two 135,000 pound 45,000 pound, and one 25,000 silo.

Blending - Various units from 7,000 to 50,000 pound capacity.

Metal separation systems - Both ferrous and non-ferrous metals can be detected and removed through a variety of means.

On-site laboratory - Our quality control system includes a laboratory equipped to perform melt index, density, drop dart impact testing, contamination testing, compression molding, rotational molding, extrusion compounding, pourability, bulk density, and sieve analysis.  

Material handling in bulk, boxes, or bulk bags - Versatility is our trademark.